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Review of ‘Imaginary Images’ EP by Contacting Nebulas

Posted in Florida (Local Artists), Reviews with tags on February 15, 2013 by Héctor Rodríguez


Contacting Nebulas is a band from Daytona Beach, Florida.  They formed in late 2010,  and their EP Imaginary Images was released in March of 2012 (since the EP has been out for so long,  feel free to consider this more of an introduction to the band than a proper review). In such a short time, they have undoubtedly arrived at a style all their own.  Their bio says that they plan on “changing people’s opinions on genres and musical prejudice. Expanding our horizons and being open to new concepts is the only way to progress modern music.”  Listening to their debut release, one can’t help but agree completely.

Imaginary Images only has three songs, but by the time you get to the lone cymbal crash that closes the last track, you might find yourself exhausted. In a good way, of course.  Think “runner’s high” and you’ll be in the ballpark.

The music of Contacting Nebulas is anything but predictable. Their songs go through a myriad of changes – from blast beats, to chugging grooves, to layered contrapuntal parts.  Opener “Illustrating Illusions” starts out with a snare pop, then a spacey melody played on the synth,  while the rest of the band builds underneath. There’s almost always a melodic element going on in the guitars, even on the most brutal interludes. On the song “Meteor Swarm” there are blast beats that pause on a dime to allow melodic guitar licks to shine through.  “Gravitic Warp” opens with blast beats, and later on treats us to some off-kilter rhythms that sound like the bastard child of Voivod and King Crimson.

The band is currently hard at work on their full-length album, which I was told will be “bigger and better in every way, shape, and form.”

That was enough to make me shudder in anticipation.

Contacting Nebulas

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